Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets

When exactly are your best times to tweet? With over 200 million tweets posted each day, this is a very important question to tackle. When you better time your tweets, you’re better able to reach your followers. Furthermore, knowing when they’re actually online is incredibly important.

Let’s examine 5 different tools that help determine Twitter metrics. Click on the image below.




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Double QR Code Campaign

Scandinavian Airlines created this “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” QR Code campaign after research showed that couples tend to book their trips when they are physically next to each other.

100,000 emails were sent containing two QR Codes resolving to different videos, one left and one right of a split screen (video below). Only by combining the videos did the offer make sense and the full promotional code then revealed.

Every available ticket was sold during the week long campaign and as a promotional QR Code technique I think there are definitely possibilities for developing this idea further.


Source: 2d code

The rules for guerrilla marketing have changed (and I didn’t see the memo!)

A friend of mine who is a marketing professor posted this video onto his Facebook timeline and described it as “A nice bit of Guerrilla Marketing from LG… try your best to believe it’s not staged, but you know it is.”


When I commented on it saying “I wouldn’t call it Guerilla Marketing. Definitely viral marketing”, he explained it as this:

“Viral marketing is when something you send out ‘goes viral’ – so, the Old Spice ad is a case of viral marketing, as it is distributed through social networks – this has a few thousands views, not exactly in the same league. Guerrilla marketing is when marketers create an advertisement and purposefully try to make you think it’s not an ad – so this feigns the situation of someone actually stealing a tv, while in reality, it’s a carefully worked and staged ad – so some people watching it would think it’s real life and not realise that they have been marketed to…

The lines blur when guerrilla ads go viral…”

Now I had always thought of Guerrilla Marketing as real world “street-level” advertising, designed to take consumers by surprise, popping up where and when people least expect it. Although successful guerrilla marketing can indeed go viral.

But it turns out that the rules for guerrilla marketing have changed. My friend went on to say:

“That’s kinda the old school Guerrilla Marketing approach (flashmobs etc) but the heart of it is still communicating in an unconventional manner and involving surprise – this is not a regular tv ad – creativity trumps cost in GM…the aim of which is for it to go viral – so street level isn’t necessary, but this is how it started…these days, getting a text as you walk passed a shop you’ve signed up to saying "20% for you if you walk in now" or trying to get videos, like this, onto people’s facebook wall is what’s happening in 2011 onwards…

Older marketing texts (2 or 3 years old) will just talk about the types of things you’ve mentioned, but as consumers get wind of this as a promotional stunt, it loses its effectiveness, so other stuff (which is more cunning) is needed…had this ad finished with a voiceover or text saying "buy LG now" then it’d definitely be viral – most people spotted that it was an LG tv but only the savvy will realise that it’s actually a promo stunt”

So now you know! Smile

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to QR Codes

In my role as a consultant I often get asked what size does my QR Code need to be? To answer this question (plus many more), Simon Goble wrote an article for Just Creative Design called The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to QR Codes.



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40 Amazingly Creative Double Page Magazine Ads

Although considered a more traditional form of advertising, marketers continue to use magazine advertisements to get their message out.

That’s where a little creativity comes into play. By thinking outside the fold, marketers have found ways to make readers take a second glance at these ads.

This great collection of magazine ads was compiled by Creative Guerrilla Marketing.



64 Techniques for Innovative Facebook Marketing Campaigns


The deadliest sin of Facebook marketing is to be BORING.  To gain fans’ attention and engage them, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or put a unique spin on familiar techniques.

Theoretically, combining the 64 techniques in this infographic, it’s possible to create over 4 million different Facebook campaigns.

Click on the image to see a larger version, read the article and watch the video.



Here’s an extremely insightful article by Kevin Hillstrom, President of MineThatData, about the challenges that Analyst/Managers face with VP/SVP/EVP/President/CEO’s (and visa-versa).

The articles entitled the "HiPPO", which means the "Highest Paid Person’s Opinion". There’s a lot to learn about why some people do not listen to data!